"In the beginning God created the heaven and earth." - Genesis 1:1

This past month:

    The New Juniors are getting used to more structure as they follow the curriculum for 3 year olds. The morning time is learning and work time and the afternoon we focus on Bible study. Scissor cutting has been challenging but soon they will be snipping away confidently. So far they have enjoyed putting together their 'Color/Shape' and 'God Loves Me' booklets. They have made other crafts throughout the week that help reinforce their understanding of the letters. Pronouncing our weekly letter both uppercase and lowercase is part of our daily routine as 3 year olds just love learning new things; even if it seems to difficult to begin with. Another new thing for them is using big kid pencils to trace their names once a week.

This upcoming month:

    We will be moving into the letters E, F, G and H and doing some fun crafts as we move into Fall. Every Friday is fun day for the Juniors.

                                                                               Advice for Parents

 The children will be filling up their mailboxes daily and they love the praise for their hard work.

Ms. Susanne has been in childcare since 1978 and a part of KidStreet for the past 6 years. She has always loved watching children learn and develop as they grow. Ms. Susanne loves God, dogs and being out in nature! You will often find her teaching the children about these things. She is the proud mother of 3, and they have given her 6 beautiful grandchildren. Ms. Susanne always goes above and beyond with her students and you can tell she loves what she does.