Dear Parents,

   April showers may come, but working with modeling clay, playing rhythm-band instruments finger-painting, and playing inside games can make even rainy days enjoyable. 

   This month's study of the pond has brought a new song to our classroom. The "Little White Duck" may be a favorite at your house as well as the poem "Two Eyes to See." Ask your child about the animals that live in the pond and have him count the pictures on the papers as they come home.


   Our newest number is 8. As a class, we are counting from 1 to 20; have your child count for you to help him practice! The children have been excited in Bible time as they put more stickers beside their names on the Bible Memory Verse Chart. April's memory verse is Ephesians 4:32. 

If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.


Ms. Shelly White

Ms. Shelly has been at KidStreet for 13 years! She has three children, Sean, Scarlett, and Preston. She loves being the sign language teacher during our prescholar time because it lets her interact with all of classes. You can usually find Ms. Shelly at KidStreet early in the morning, helping out wherever she can. We love having her the KidStreet team!