Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your philosophy? 

  There is no greater Gift from God than our children and no greater decision that you will make than to entrust your child's care to someone else.  At KidStreet Daycare, we take that responsibility seriously.  We are dedicated to provide a safe, loving , Christian environment at all times, for all children.


2. What programs do you offer and what ages do you serve?

   We teach the ABEKA curriculum to children ages 2 and above.  We welcome children from 6 weeks through 5 years of age at our center.


3. How can parents be involved?

   We welcome parent involvement in our center!  This happens at class parties, birthday celebrations, school plays and activities, etc. 


4. Can I visit my child during the day if I want to?

   KidStreet has an open door policy with our parents/guardians.  We do ask that you be mindful of visits directly before nap-time, as seeing parents at this time can be especially difficult for young children.


5.  What is the enrollment process?

   Parents are asked to schedule a tour to receive all necessary paperwork needed to register their child.  There is a $60 registration fee per child paid on an annual basis.


6. How are your employees screened?

   KidStreet looks to employ teachers who love kids and have early childhood education and/or experience in the field.  All staff have current background checks and are also registered with the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry.


7.  What precautions are taken for safety?

  At KidStreet, the safety of our children served is very important. We have camera's inside all of the classrooms, hallways, front office and playground. We also use a door lock system that requires parents to use their personal key fob to enter the building, and visitors must ring the doorbell to be buzzed in.  When guardians, other than parents pick up children, they must present a photo ID and be on the pick-up list before they have access to any children. 


8. Do you accept Missouri childcare assistance programs?

    Yes, we do!